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Blood's Game thumbnail
Blood's Game eAudiobook
Angus Donald / Damian Lynch

Winter 1670. Holcroft Blood has entered the employ of the powerful Duke of Buckingham. It is here th..

The Eagle and the Wolves thumbnail
The Eagle and the Wolves eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble Available 12th October 2023

It's AD 44 and Vespasian and the Second Legion are forging ahead in their campaign to seize the sout..

Odessa Sea thumbnail
Odessa Sea eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Dirk Cussler / Jeff Harding Available 9th October 2023

On a NUMA mission to the Black Sea to locate the wreck of a lost Ottoman Empire ship Dirk Pitt and h..

A Mighty Dawn thumbnail
A Mighty Dawn eAudiobook
Theodore Brun / Simon Mattacks

Hakan son of Haldan chosen son of the Lord of the Northern Jutes swears loyalty to his father in fir..

The Assassin thumbnail
The Assassin eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Justin Scott / Jeff Harding

Kansas 1905. On a new well out on the plains an assassin's bullet kills oilman Spike Hopewell. Minut..

The Gangster thumbnail
The Gangster eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Justin Scott / Jeff Harding Available 1st October 2023

It is 1906 and in New York City the Italian crime group known as the Black Hand is on a spree: kidna..

The Honour of Rome thumbnail
The Honour of Rome eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

AD 59. Fifteen years after he fought Britannia's barbarians during the Roman invasion Centurion Macr..

Zero Hour thumbnail
Zero Hour eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Graham Brown / Jeff Harding

It’s called zero-point energy a new source of power that holds the promise to change the world. If..

Pirate thumbnail
Pirate eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Robin Burcell / Jeff Harding

An 800-year-old treasure. An ancient cipher wheel. A brutal murder. And a man who will stop at nothi..

Death to the Emperor thumbnail
Death to the Emperor eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

The Roman Empire's hold on the province of Britannia is fragile. The tribes implacably opposed to Ro..

The Emperor's Revenge thumbnail
The Emperor's Revenge eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Boyd Morrison / Jeff Harding

Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon face their toughest challenge yet when a violent bank heist..

A Traveller in Time thumbnail
A Traveller in Time eAudiobook
Alison Uttley / Imogen Stubbs

When Penelope goes to stay with her aunt and uncle in an ancient Derbyshire farmhouse she is immedia..

Midnight Moon Feast The & The Secret Jungle Hideaway thumbnail
Midnight Moon Feast The & The Secret Jungle Hideaway eAudiobook
Emma Beswetherick / Rose Akerman

THE MIDNIGHT MOON FEAST. The friends are having a sleepover when they discover that the usually fear..

The Sundae Delivery Service thumbnail
The Sundae Delivery Service eAudiobook
Holly Rivers / Susie Trayling

A while has passed since Orinthia Shalloo's transatlantic adventure with her two younger brothers an..

The Waste Land thumbnail
The Waste Land eAudiobook
Tim Hodkinson / Seán Barrett

1316 AD. Ireland has been drawn into the bitter war between Scotland and England. Richard Savage tho..