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SAS: Rogue Heroes thumbnail
SAS: Rogue Heroes eAudiobook
Ben MacIntyre / Ben MacIntyre Available 28th September 2021

In the summer of 1941 bored and eccentric young officer David Stirling came up with a plan that was ..

Twenty-One Days thumbnail
Twenty-One Days eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Simon Scardifield Available 7th October 2021

1910. Sir Thomas Pitt's son Daniel is in the middle of his first case as a barrister when he is summ..

Seven Dead thumbnail
Seven Dead eAudiobook
J. Jefferson Farjeon / David Thorpe Available 5th October 2021

Amateur thief Ted Lyte has chosen an isolated house by the coast for his first robbery. But Haven Ho..

The Clutter Corpse thumbnail
The Clutter Corpse eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett Available 20th October 2021

Ellen Curtis runs her own business helping people who are running out of space. As a declutterer she..

As the Sun Breaks Through thumbnail
As the Sun Breaks Through eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Penelope Freeman Available 27th September 2021

June 1944. As the planes continue to circle over Cliffehaven Peggy Reilly’s sister Doris must seek..

14th Deadly Sin thumbnail
14th Deadly Sin eAudiobook
James Patterson; Maxine Paetro / Antonia Beamish Available 27th September 2021

Detective Lindsay Boxer and her three best friends are back and recovering from the events that push..

Room 13 thumbnail
Room 13 eAudiobook
Robert Swindells / Rosalind Steele Available 26th September 2021

There is no room number thirteen in The Crow's Nest hotel where Fliss and her friends are staying on..

The Notting Hill Mystery thumbnail
The Notting Hill Mystery eAudiobook
Charles Warren Adams / Peter Wickham Available 26th September 2021

Widely acknowledged as the first detective novel this story is narrated by insurance investigator Ra..

Death and the Brewery Queen thumbnail
Death and the Brewery Queen eAudiobook
Frances Brody / Anne Dover

Yorkshire 1930. Kate Shackleton arrives at the garden party with her niece Harriet to celebrate the ..

The Diabolical Club thumbnail
The Diabolical Club eAudiobook
Stevyn Colgan / Rula Lenska

Strange things are going on in Black Dog Wood near the village of Nasely. There are rumours that it..

A Southwold Mystery thumbnail
A Southwold Mystery eAudiobook
Suzette A. Hill / Julia Franklin Available 25th September 2021

Suffolk 1955. Rosy Gilchrist is asked by her friend Lady Fawcett to join her on a trip to Southwold ..

The Body in the Dumb River thumbnail
The Body in the Dumb River eAudiobook
George Bellairs / Gordon Griffin Available 1st October 2021

“For the most part the dead man received public sympathy. A decent hardworking chap with not an en..

Fell Murder thumbnail
Fell Murder eAudiobook
E.C.R. Lorac / Kris Dyer Available 26th October 2021

First published in 1944 Fell Murder sees E.C.R. Lorac at the height of her considerable powers as a ..

Mrs Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney thumbnail
Mrs Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney eAudiobook
Emily Brightwell / Marlene Sidaway Available 9th October 2021

Inspector Witherspoon is perplexed. No one seems to know the identity of the dead man dressed like a..

Mrs Jeffries Stalks the Hunter thumbnail
Mrs Jeffries Stalks the Hunter eAudiobook
Emily Brightwell / Marlene Sidaway Available 26th September 2021

Sir Edmund Leggett is flattered to be stalked by a young lady. But she soon makes herself scarce aft..