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Waste of a Life thumbnail
Waste of a Life eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Declutterer Ellen Curtis has been working to bring order into the life of Cedric Waites a recluse in..

A Murder to Die For thumbnail
A Murder to Die For eAudiobook
Stevyn Colgan / Rula Lenska Available 15th December 2023

When hordes of people descend on the picturesque village of Nasely for the annual celebration of its..

Dead Ground thumbnail
Dead Ground eAudiobook
M.W. Craven / John Banks

Detective Sergeant Washington Poe is in court fighting eviction from his beloved croft when he is su..

Murders at the Winterbottom Women's Institute thumbnail
Murders at the Winterbottom Women's Institute eAudiobook
Gina Kirkham / Julia Franklin

Librarian Prunella Pearce has left heartbreak behind to start a new life in the village of Winterbot..

The Marriage Hearse thumbnail
The Marriage Hearse eAudiobook
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

When Kirsten Harbourn is found strangled on her wedding day DI Wesley Peterson makes some alarming d..

Dead Man's Lane thumbnail
Dead Man's Lane eAudiobook
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

Strangefields Farm is notorious for its sinister history ever since serial killer Jackson Temples lu..

Green and Pleasant Land thumbnail
Green and Pleasant Land eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / Patricia Gallimore

Newly retired ex-chief superintendent Fran Harman and her partner Mark have volunteered to assist We..

The Scribe thumbnail
The Scribe eAudiobook
A.A. Chaudhuri / David Thorpe

A killer is targeting former students of The Bloomsbury Academy of Law. The victims - all female - a..

Last Writes thumbnail
Last Writes eAudiobook
Catherine Aird / Gordon Griffin Available 13th December 2023

Last Writes is a mischievously clever compendium of twenty-two short stories from the pen of classic..

On Honeymoon with Death thumbnail
On Honeymoon with Death eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / Joe Dunlop Available 13th December 2023

For Oz Blackstone and Primavera Philips the idea to forget their troubled past by returning to L’E..

A Painted Doom thumbnail
A Painted Doom eAudiobook
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

Teenager Lewis Hoxworthy discovers a disturbing painting in a medieval barn; a discovery which excit..

The Female Detective thumbnail
The Female Detective eAudiobook
Andrew Forrester / Phyllida Nash

The Female Detective was published in 1864 and introduces the first professional female detective in..

The Pyramid thumbnail
The Pyramid eAudiobook
Henning Mankell / Seán Barrett

When Kurt Wallander first appeared he was a senior police officer his life in a mess. His wife had l..

A Brush with Death thumbnail
A Brush with Death eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 13th December 2023

When millionaire Leo Speight is found poisoned at his Ayrshire mansion Police Scotland has a tough c..

Off Script thumbnail
Off Script eAudiobook
Graham Hurley / Julia Franklin Available 13th December 2023

Actress Enora Andressen must find a killer and there's no script to guide her…Carrie Tollman awake..