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Death in a Desert Land thumbnail
Death in a Desert Land eAudiobook
Andrew Wilson / Joan Walker Available 24th June 2019

1928. Agatha Christie leaves England for Baghdad, where two years ago, explorer and writer Gertrude ..

Boy In The Well thumbnail
Boy In The Well eAudiobook
Douglas Lindsay / Angus King

The body of a young boy is discovered at the bottom of a well that has been sealed for two hundred y..

A Knife to the Heart thumbnail
A Knife to the Heart eAudiobook
Barbara Nadel / Sean Barrett

When historian Suzan Tan is asked to examine the contents of a derelict villa on the Bosphorus, she ..

Last Man Standing thumbnail
Last Man Standing eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

Friendships forged in the heat of combat can be stronger than anything. So when SAS trooper Matt Sta..

Hunted thumbnail
Hunted eAudiobook
Arne Dahl / Mark Meadows

When Desiré Rosenkvist of Stockholm Police receives a letter, two things are immediately clear: the..

Boxed thumbnail
Boxed eAudiobook
Richard Anderson / Todd Boyce Available 14th July 2019

Dave Martin is down on his luck: his wife's left him; his farm is a failure; his house is a mess; he..

Red Herring thumbnail
Red Herring eAudiobook
Jonothan Cullinane

1951, Auckland: A man overboard, a murder and a lot of loose ends... The workers and the government ..

Shroud Of Evil thumbnail
Shroud Of Evil eAudiobook
Pauline Rowson / Gordon Griffin

DI Horton of Portsmouth CID is assigned the case of a missing person: Jasper Kenton, a private inves..

A Very British Ending thumbnail
A Very British Ending eAudiobook
Edward Wilson / Richard Attlee

Bremen, 1951. An MI6 officer, haunted by an SS atrocity, kills a Nazi war criminal in the ruins of a..

She Chose Me thumbnail
She Chose Me eAudiobook
Tracey Emerson / Genevieve Swallow

Grace has returned to London after twenty years abroad to manage her dying mother's affairs. When sh..

A Book Of Bones thumbnail
A Book Of Bones eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding

On a lonely moor in the northeast of England, the body of a young woman is discovered near the site ..

The Colours Of Murder thumbnail
The Colours Of Murder eAudiobook
Ali Carter / Joanna Bending Available 14th July 2019

Flirtatious American blonde Miss Hailey Duke should never have accepted a summer weekend invitation ..

The Grasmere Grudge thumbnail
The Grasmere Grudge eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Julia Franklin Available 12th July 2019

Returning from a much-needed holiday, Persimmon "Simmy" Brown discovers that life in the Lake Distri..

Dancing On The Grave thumbnail
Dancing On The Grave eAudiobook
Zoe Sharp / Lewis Hancock Available 12th July 2019

There's a killer on the loose in the Lake District, and the calm of an English summer is shattered. ..

Cold Wrath thumbnail
Cold Wrath eAudiobook
Peter Turnbull / Gordon Griffin

On a hot summer morning, Miles Law cycles into the village of Millington in the Vale of York, on his..