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Daughters Of Penny Lane thumbnail
Daughters Of Penny Lane eAudiobook
Ruth Hamilton / Marlene Sidaway

In 1946, Alice Quigley returns to her childhood home on Penny Lane, having lost her house in Bootle ..

When Christmas Bells Ring thumbnail
When Christmas Bells Ring eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1938. It's Christmas in the Courts, and single mother Rosheen Clarke and her mischievous t..

A Family's Duty thumbnail
A Family's Duty eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover

1938, Britain and Germany are on the brink of war, and tension and fear is felt throughout Europe. I..

Proud Of You thumbnail
Proud Of You eAudiobook
Mary Wood / Penelope Freeman

Alice, an upper-class Londoner, is recruited into the Special Operations Executive and sent to Paris..

The Constant Star thumbnail
The Constant Star eAudiobook
Jessica Stirling / Penelope Freeman

Susan Cahill enjoys her job at the BBC until a bomb destroys the building and brings a new boss, Wal..

The Tangling Of The Web thumbnail
The Tangling Of The Web eAudiobook
Millie Gray / Lesley Mackie

Sally, who married young to escape her appalling childhood, is often left to bitterly reflect on the..

A Yorkshire Lass thumbnail
A Yorkshire Lass eAudiobook
Dee Yates / Maggie Mash

A heart-breaking choice between love and duty... York 1886. Sarah-Lou has just left school and is r..

Beyond The Storm thumbnail
Beyond The Storm eAudiobook
E.V. Thompson / Patience Tomlinson

When the fiercest storm in living memory pounds the shores of 19th century Cornwall, wrecking ships ..

Learning To Dance thumbnail
Learning To Dance eAudiobook
Susan Sallis / Nicolette McKenzie

Judith is suddenly all alone in the world. Her husband, Jack, has left her - why, she doesn't really..

The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow thumbnail
The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow eAudiobook
Maureen Reynolds / Cathleen McCarron

As war rages across Europe, in Dundee the Neill family continues to face challenges and hardships. R..

The Silken Web thumbnail
The Silken Web eAudiobook
Maureen Boleyn / Anne Dover

After the death of her mother during childbirth, Beth is left to care for her father and two older b..

A Time For Peace thumbnail
A Time For Peace eAudiobook
Sylvia Broady / Anne Dover

A time of peace follows the victory of WWII, but with peace comes unforeseen problems. When Rose mee..

Honey Brown Is Married thumbnail
Honey Brown Is Married eAudiobook
Sara Judge / Julia Barrie

It is March 1950 and Honey Brown marries the farmer she adores - August Blake Esq. With her mother-i..

Another Home, Another Love thumbnail
Another Home, Another Love eAudiobook
Gwen Kirkwood / Lesley Mackie

Rosemary Palmer-Farr loves farming and animals and has spent much of her childhood at Bengairney Far..

House Of Angels thumbnail
House Of Angels eAudiobook
Freda Lightfoot / Anne Dover

The Lake District, 1908. To all appearances, Livia, Ella and Maggie Angel lead a privileged life in ..